Ministry among Friends

I love my ministry – but it does take substantial time away from my paid work as a coach and conflict resolution professional. In the Religious Society of Friends, we traditionally do not give ministers a salary. This acknowledges the reality that the work of the Kingdom of Heaven is not like being an accountant, say, or a plumber. It is a calling, not just a “job.”

Instead of paying ministers for specific ministry, we “release” ministers – supporting them financially so that they can respond freely to the leadings of the Spirit. With this financial support, Quaker ministers can do the work they are called to, instead of just what “pays the bills.”

If you value my ministry, if you believe it is helpful and useful and Spirit-led, I would very much appreciate your support. Please give any amount to support my ministry on the Buy Me A Coffee platform.

Here are some of my recent, upcoming and ongoing ministry activities.

  • February 9, 2023 – “Becoming People of the Promise: A Meditation on Christian Faith and Racial Justice” (Wilson Lecture, Earlham School of Religion)
  • Friends of Jesus Fellowship, an ecumenical experiment in Christian discipleship grounded in the Quaker tradition
  • Board of Advisors of Earlham School of Religion (clerk from 2022 to present, member of Board of Advisors from 2018 to present)
  • For God and Country, a podcast on faith and public life
  • Marking the Quaker Path” – I designed and facilitated a nine-session spiritual deepening retreat for a meeting in Lake Erie Yearly Meeting based on this rich and challenging pamphlet by Friend Robert Griswold (September to November 2022)
  • “Embracing Spiritual Gifts” – I gave this hour-long talk on becoming a people who welcome and nurture all of the gifts of the Spirit, not just the ones that feel comfortable, as a First Monday Lecture for Pendle Hill in November 2022. Links to the lecture, accompanying slides and other resources are available here.
  • “Time to Be Tender” – I facilitated this online workshop in October 2022 exploring how we are called to be present to each other and to God as part of the ongoing Testimonies to Mercy Workshop Series, which has been visioned and midwifed by Windy Cooler, an embraced public minister from Baltimore Yearly Meeting
  • “Listening with Love: An Essential Pastoral Skill for Friends” – I facilitated this online workshop in June 2020 on three types of listening essential to healthy Quaker community: listening for understanding, listening to affirm each other’s gifts, and listening for the voice of God together
  • Former Clerk, Youth Committee , New York Yearly Meeting (2020-2022)
  • “North Jersey Teen Friends” – I launched this year-long ministry under the care of my monthly meeting, bringing together teenagers from five monthly meetings in northern New Jersey for twice-monthly gatherings focused on spiritual deepening and fellowship (January – December 2018)
  • Articles in Friends Journal